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Prince Capital Partners increases share capital and makes its first two investments


The  Private Equity Firm, Prince Capital Partners, SCR,  S.A.’s Investment Committee earlier today, Monday, held its quarterly meeting in Oviedo under the auspices of its managing company “Torsa Capital, SGECR, S.A.”, progressing in analysis and decision-making aimed at capital investment in small and medium-sized companies in different business sectors. 

Among the most important developments was undoubtedly the incorporation of new investors to the company’s capital, who can now be added to the other fifteen business groups that already formed part of same since its foundation last February. Consequently, the capital available for investment now rises to over €23 million. The new investors are:
- Universitas Nebrissensis, S.A., represented by the Asturian Mr. Manuel Villa Cellino, Chairman of the Antonio de Nebrija Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Governing Board of the Antonio de Nebrija University.
- Mr. Salvador Fernández Alvariño, a Galician businessman, based in Vigo, representing a long family business tradition in the transport and property development sectors and one of the founder's of the Club Financiero de Vigo.
In both cases, the new shareholders took part in the Investment Committee this morning. As regards its investment activity, Prince has closed its first two investment operations for a total sum of €4,500,000, in the following companies:
- Masquepet, S.L., is a sectorial concentration project in the pet distribution field, including pet food, health, aesthetics and accessories, which aims to reach a leading position by means of the creation of a chain of 150 outlets all over Spain. The company head office is located in Madrid.
- Azvase, S.L., is an Oviedo based company that has been up and running for over 15 years in the old age home help area. It has a staff of €1,500 workers and is basically present in Asturias, Cantabria, Navarra and Castilla y León. The aim of this operation is to support a growth and services diversification project in a strongly developing sector, as is that of the care of the old aged and disabled.

In addition to these sectors, Prince is studying investment operations in companies in fields such as new technologies, the manufacturing of capital equipment, biotechnology and services for industry. In some cases the companies involved are Asturian, while others have a national and international presence.

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