Vocation of expansion and growth.

Prince Capital Partners SCR, S.A. is the first and only private Venture Capital Company in Asturias. It was set up on 18 February 2008 and carries out its corporate activity pursuant to Spanish Venture Capital regulations, which are governed and overseen by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spanish Securities and Investments Board), with which it has been registered since 7/03/08 under No. 165.

Prince Capital Partners clearly manifests its business vocation by making the necessary financial resources available to Spanish companies so that they can make the most of their potential for growth and expansion, prioritising companies that are undergoing a process of business consolidation.

In this way, it provides ongoing resources to small and medium-sized enterprises not listed on the Stock Exchange and which are located in Spain, with the aim in mind of financing and contributing to their expansion, share re-structuring or management-buy-out processes.

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