Backing national and international expansion projects.

How do we Invest?

Our investment modality is called “capital development”, that is to say, we invest in business project consolidation phases, undertaking expansion, internationalisation and sectorial concentration processes, by means of the injection of permanent resources or replacement capital in share restructuring cases, taking up either minority or majority positions.
Where do we invest?

We at Prince Capital Partners will back any business opportunity in Spain. We will support the national or international growth plans of companies that display clear expansion expectations with our funds.
How much do we invest?

PCP has over €20 million at its disposal. Our financial backing takes the form of contributions that range from €1 million to €3 million, with the possibility of co-investing with other Funds or Venture Capital Companies, thus enabling us to undertake operations that can reach the sum of €20 million.
What are our preferred business sectors?

We are multi-sectorial in our investment interests. Any growing company with expansion potential and proven competitive advantages, in addition to an experienced management team, can receive our financial support.
For how long will we stay in the companies in which we invest?

Our average term as a partner in growing companies is five years. After this term has elapsed, PCP's interest can be bought out by the managing partners or, should there be a joint divestment by all shareholders, our interest can also pass into the hands of another company.
What types of operations does PCP prefer?

a.- Managers buy out the company in which they are working (MBO).
b.- A management team buy a company to manage it (MBI).
c.- Organic growth plan with financial support.
d.- Expansion process by way of acquisitions (inorganic) with financial support (build up).

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