Value creation.

For the vehicles that it manages, Torsa Capital assesses the feasibility of investing in those projects with demonstrable growth and expansion capacity, which have solid management teams capable of going forward with the project in question.
At present, Torsa Capital manages over €26 million, through the auspices of two investment vehicles, one public and the other private, though it may in some cases co-invest through them.
Torsa Capital seeks out and studies investment opportunities in dynamic companies with the ability to create competitive advantages in their respective fields of activity and which are managed by highly professional management teams, capable of making the most of the growth potential of their companies; companies in which there is a clear vocation of quality and innovation.
We at Torsa Capital actively commit ourselves to the running of the companies in which we have invested, aiming our investment at those projects in which we can add, or create, value by means of taking part in the companies’ management bodies, as well as by means of the support and contribution of our experience in several areas of the companies in question.

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